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Wonder Girls Daebak!!! can't wait for they're live perf.

DBSK visited me?!?
I went outside of our house to breathe some fresh air. I was shocked to see Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun standing there and having fun.

Changming oppa invited me to sit down with him. We sat on the ground side by side facing each other. A question was asked (I can’t remember if he's the one or me asked the question). We talked for a minute. Changmin oppa got up to get some food (oh! Changmin oppa).

To my surprise Junsu sat behind me and wrapped his legs around my waist and hug me from the back (I loveeee this!!xD). But Junsu want some action, a wrestling to be exact. I struggled, I was wearing a hoodie (why do I wear a hoodie?!?,hmm..It’s similar to TOP's hoodies.) Unfortunately the hood was on my head and Junsu pulled the shit string. Seriously I can't see and breathe (Junsu, are you trying to kill me?! T_T).

Jaejoong (eomma?!?xD sorry..) Stood in front of us and saved me. Thank GOD!! He grabbed my hand and pulled me from Junsu. At the back I saw Yunho and Yoochun just seating there, eating and enjoying the scene. I am being wrestled by Junsu (Yunho appa why? Oh! Why? And YOOCHUN, maybe you're happy because instead of you, I’m the one who's being tortured by Junsu, WAIT?!? That’s not tortured that's love. hahaha in reality I’m super willing of being wrestled by Junsu..That's JUNSU my love!!!.xD)

BOOM~ back to reality... I super missed DONG BANG SHIN KI that time. That was when I just watched PROUD performance over and over the whole night. The Proud Performance in Japan when Junsu and Yoochun Cry. It's the first time I dreamt of DBSK when this lawsuit took place.

I just missed them.

That they just visited me in my dreams.^^,

NOTE: I wanted to post this when I woke up but having second thoughts on posting this. But because dongbang visited me again in my dreams, I changed my mind and decided to post this too.^^,

Just want to share this with you guys.

Today Nov. 14, 2009. I dreamt of DBSK. This is how it goes...

Jaejoong is holding a white board and a pen. He is saying something but I can't understand. I stood in front of him. It's like we were in Japanese Variety Show; there are audience and cameras, cameraman. I can't explain his expression; it's like he is really trying to explain something but the audience or I misunderstood his answer.

And Then...

The next thing I know, we were not in the variety show anymore.

I heard a loud scream.

A very loud scream that you can damage your hearing.

We were in a huge place, everyone is excited and happy.

I saw Jaejoong, smiling and laughing.

I haven't seen this Jaejoong in the recent months because of the issues.

I missed this Jaejoong that I'm seeing now.

The audience scream louder. They're eager to know the truth. They want to hear the truth. But Jaejoong keep on smiling and laughing (same as his reaction on the heaven postman press conference when the question is about Yunho. Even in my dreams there’s a YunJae moment. xDD) I think the question is about YunJae.

I looked to the other direction and I saw Junsu, dancing, swaying his kamo butt with the music (lol..xD). Yunho and Changmin waving their hands to the audience, smiling and enjoying the moment. I can tell that they're happy, loving the scene, enjoying every moment.

The focus got back to Jaejoong. He giggles, covering his face because of shyness. And when he is about to answer the question...

Yoochun screamed. Ten minutes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the audience went wild.

I saw the FIVE figures. Waving their hands with their sweet smile.

I saw the FIVE standing on the SAME STAGE..

I realized it's a DBSK concert. I felt like crying, I was touched and moved.

Ten minutes to go and the concert will start

The red light sticks

The fans that fill the place

The spirit that you can feel

I don't know what my dream is trying to say or it's just another dongbang dream.

I can only say is.


WE need to TRUST and SUPPORT them.



NOTE: when Yoochun screamed, it is in nihongo so I can't understand what he just said. But how did i know what did he screamed?? Well there's an English ftw... weird dream..xDD

this time by wonder girls
ok..ok... so nag audition ako sa wgph this time collab..

and naisip ko magrecord ng buong song.. lol~

at mali mali pa ung lyrics ko at my pag lunok pa.hahahaha...

here's the link

comments are love...

inaya ako ni P na mag english 8
tapos inaya din ako ni N na sabay kame mag english8 ngayon summer..
sayang! tapos ko na yu kunin eh.hehehe

bakit kea ganun c A at B..
pag kausap ko si A di pede kausap ni B.
pag kasap ko si B ni ako kinakausap ni A..
pag kasama ko si A di,sumasama si B..
pag kasama ko si B ndi ako pinapansin ni A..
waahh..ewan ko sa inyo..ang gulo nyo..mga adik kayo...haha...^^

get well soon junsu.. :( *hugs*

Pops in Seoul in Manila
w/ vj isak
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